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Monthly Archives: Dezember 2013

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

Sleep is something that is absolutely vital for us to be able to restore our bodies and minds. Without proper sleep, problems with concentration, reaction time and awareness can occur very easily, and most of us notice these immediately. [Quelle/Source (Link): How Much Sleep Do You Need?]

Grosses Digitalisierungsgefälle in der EU

79 Prozent der Haushalte in der EU haben Zugang zum Internet. Das ist eine Steigerung von über 43 Prozent im Vergleich zum Jahr 2007. Doch die Anzahl der Haushalte mit Internetzugang ist stark aufgefächert. Sie reicht von 54 Prozent in Bulgarien bis zu 95 Prozent in den Niederlanden. [Quelle/Source (Link): Grosses Digitalisierungsgefälle in der EU]

15 Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever read something that made you want to get up and do something productive? It’s usually followed by thoughts of all the ways you are going to accomplish your goals and improve as a person but then those thoughts usually seem to die down after a day or two. [Quelle/Source (Link): 15 Motivational […]

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