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Monthly Archives: März 2013

The Art of Cleanup: Ursus Wehrli Playfully Deconstructs and Reorders the Chaos of Life

Alphabet soup made alphabetical, and other treats of visual obsessiveness. As a longtime fan of Swiss artist and comedian Ursus Wehrli’s playful crusade to organize the world, I was thrilled for the English release of The Art of Clean Up: Life Made Neat and Tidy (public library). [Quelle/Source (Link): The Art of Cleanup: Ursus Wehrli […]

The Cost Of Interruption Visualized

We previously shared a post noting the high cost of interruption. In it, we outlined some interesting datapoints shared by Ninlabs Research on just how disruptive interruptions are to workers in the creative economy, such as: Definitely read the whole post (linked above) for full context. [Quelle/Source (Link): The Cost Of Interruption Visualized]

Hire People Smarter Than You

In a recent Inc article, Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, gave what is probably the best solution to any leader who’s struggling with what is one of the most common problems amongst leaders: Feeling the need to micromanage. My biggest challenge as a business-owner has been letting go of control. [Quelle/Source (Link): Hire People Smarter […]

#TLAB13 – Transforming learning

Whilst I’ll write a longer post at soon about the inspiration from the day today at Berkhamsted’s “Teaching, Learning & Assessment” conference yesterday, I did say that I would put up my presentation and resources from the session. So here they are: [Quelle/Source (Link): #TLAB13 – Transforming learning]

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