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Evernote Clearly Now Reads Pages To You With Text-to-Speech

Evernote Clearly makes reading articles and blog posts online a beautiful, distraction-free experience. One click of this browser extension removes all ads and navigation, leaving you with a simple, easy-to-read page. Today, Clearly learns a fantastic new Premium trick: reading the article to you.

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New Premium Feature: Text-to-Speech

Oftentimes, great web articles and blog posts come to you when you don’t have time to actually sit down and read them. You may be working on something else or walking around your kitchen cooking. Now, you can keep doing what you’re doing and absorb the article at the same time. Open the link, click Clearly, then click the new Text-to-Speech icon. Moments later, Clearly will start reading the article aloud to you. It’s like instantly turning articles into podcasts. Become an Evernote Premium subscriber to try it out.

Additionally, we’ve built live text highlighting into Clearly, which shows you the words as they’re read. Click on the handy controls in the sidebar if you want to pause, skip ahead or jump to the previous sentence.

Speaks your language
This new feature supports over a dozen different languages. When you combine that with the text highlighting, you get a great language learning tool. Visit a site in another language, then have Clearly read it to you as you follow along with the highlighting.

Go Premium

Evernote Premium gives you lots of great ways to expand your Evernote life: create more notes each month, download notebooks onto iOS and Android devices for easy access any time, search within PDFs, get faster support, and more. Go Premium now »

Powered by iSpeech

We’re working with the leading text-to-speech provider, iSpeech, to bring you this functionality. It’s the best we’ve ever heard and we hope you like it. Try it on this post.

Text-to-speech is only available in the Google Chrome version of Clearly, but will be coming to other browsers soon.

Learn more about how to use Evernote Clearly by reading our Evernote Clearly Getting Started Guide.

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