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How to manage tasks using your iPad and Evernote 5

I have been testing a new Task Manager this week called Beesy. In using this interesting twist on task management I realized how much I appreciate my current Evernote Task Management Setup. I will be posting a complete review of Beesy after another week of use, but in the meantime I will document my current task management process. Using Beesy over the last week made me realize that my process with Evernote has evolved since I first wrote about it here. And, as you will read in the future, Beesy is turning out to be a nice extension of my own process.

Much has been written about how to utilize Evernote to manage tasks. There are as many ways to keep track of your tasks with Evernote as there are ways to create task lists with pen and paper. Where some people prefer 3X5 cards or scraps of paper others prefer an old Franklin Covey organizer; the same is true with Evernote. I just ran across this very detailed post here by a technology guy named Ruud. He does a great job outlining his fairly complex system of tagging, saved searches and process. I would say that my own system is fairly close to Ruud’s. At the other end of the spectrum is this very minimalist approach by Christopher Mayo, the man behind the Grumpy Monkey Moniker out on the Evernote Discussion Board. I use a bit of Christopher’s ideas as well, specifically adding dates in the title as a way to keep track of deadlines.

So what is my process you say? Well, my process is a bit of a combination of Ruud’s and Christopher’s. I used Saved Searches to build my lists and I use dates in the subject to sort based on time, i.e. to make sure I complete all tasks that are due on a certain day. I could easily adapt my process in either Ruud’s direction or Christopher’s but for now what I am doing works for me.

Here is a list of the searches I use to generate my lists.

AGENDA: Used to keep track of conversations I need to have as well as my general meeting planning bucket. Here is the saved search that generates the list. Remember that you can adjust the search with your own Tags.


All Tasks: I use this search to show my entire task list including my Waitings and my Somedays. Again, adjust the list according to your own tags and your own needs; i.e. exclude Someday tasks as Ruud does in his system. This view also allows me to sort on date as detailed in Christopher’s system.

any: tag:1Now tag:2Next tag:3Soon tag:6Waiting tag:4Later tag:5Someday

LATER: These are my tasks that I have deferred into the future, i.e. ones I know I need to do, but am unsure about a timeframe.


My Projects: These are all of my current projects. I build this list based off of the title. If you are curious about my project management process see my guest post here on Daniel E. Gold’s site.

intitle:”master project”

NEXT, NOW, SOMEDAY, SOON, WAITING: These are the different contexts I utilize to classify my tasks by priority. Here is an example of the search for my 1Now; tasks; similar to Ruud’s MIT tasks.


Today’s Unfinished Tasks: This is my safety net. This query allows me to catch all of the tasks I add on any given day but have not categorized according to context, project, etc. During meetings or at other times I add tasks either via meeting minutes, or in single notes using checkboxes. This query allows me to find all of those notes with tasks so that nothing is forgotten. Once I have created the official task I will then go back and check the box in the original note, not because I am done, but because I have successfully captured and categorized the task. You will notice that I only search on my !!Inbox notebook and this is because all new notes are created into the !!Inbox notebook. I generally move notes once they have been reviewed into my !!GTD notebook.

notebook:!!Inbox todo:false

UnCompleted Tasks: This is basically the same query as above but without the notebook query. I have this search as a secondary query to make sure nothing has been forgotten.


My saved search process worked fine on the older version of Evernote for iOS, but in iOS5 the interface is much more polished. In fact the new interface with Saved Searches is close to a native task manager designed for iOS rather than the one size fits all that Evernote is designed for. Here are a few pictures of my system across my various devices.





That’s it! Are you using Evernote to manage your tasks? How does your process work?


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