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10 reasons why I love Evernote 5 on my iPad and iPhone

Like most nerds, I tend to download updates for favorite apps as soon as they are available. In fact, I often look for beta opportunities as I am always curious about what developers have up their sleeves for my beloved apps. Unfortunately I never found a beta source for Evernote 5 on iOS, but I did download the app immediately after seeing the upgrade notice online. And, I am glad I did! In summary, the improvements are nothing short of dramatic and I can see myself altering some of my workflows because of the improvements.

Here is my top 10 reasons why I love Evernote 5, in no particular order!

  1. Ability to quickly add notes with one click vs. several, just click the new note button on on the home page.
  2. Organization tabs that are movable. Open or close a tab with a swipe!
  3. Quick access to saved searches from the Search Notes tab. Open the Search tab, click in the search box at the top right side of the screen and all of your saved searches are displayed!
  4. New Places tab that organizes your notes by where you created them. If you travel a lot, this places tab is a wonderful to access notes you have created by location.
  5. Ability to create and edit notes in full screen on the iPad (can’t remember if this was possible in the older version). One reason I use FastEverXL is that FastEver has a clean, full screen note taking mode. Evernote 5 now has this simple, full screen view…almost as clean as ByWord!
  6. The “stickiness” of “Tags” and “Search Notes” folders. You can search on a tab, select it and then close the folder back to the home screen. This leaves the folder sorted on the tag you last used.
  7. Evernote 5 is a lot more stable. The prior version crashed constantly on my iPad but the new version has crashed only a few times after an entire day of extended use. This is a huge improvement given that this is a .00 release vs. a more stable interim release. Although not everyone agrees with my stability experience as referenced by this Evernote 5 review out on InformationWeek.
  8. The recent notes window is an extremely efficient way to get at your most recent work.
  9. The quick access buttons to add a new text note, add a picture or add a scanned note. The prior versions of Evernote on the iPad and iPhone added the cool new scanning functionality that I wrote about here, but it took an extra click to invoke the scanning “window” and the special Evernote scanning functionality but Evernote 5 adds single button access to excellent scanning functions.
  10. Sync button on the home screen! In the prior version you had click 2–3 times to manually sync whereas the new version puts the sync front and center!

These are just my top ten, and I am sure more will come to mind after another week of use. As I wrote here, I use Evernote as my main task manager thanks to Daniel E. Gold’s eBook. Evernote 5 makes me more efficient and allows me to manage my time and tasks with my iPad vs. defaulting back to my desktop computer. The big missing feature however is the ability to create a note link in iOS vs. having to do this from the desktop version. Maybe this will be coming in version 5.1?

Have you tried the new version yet? Do you have some favorite new features that I did not mention?


[Quelle/Source (Link): tabletproductive]