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TF (Tim Ferriss) on Muses and Side Businesses/Entrepreneurship 2012 [Notes]

Notes distilled from, Tim Ferriss On How To Start Your Million Dollar Side Business [2012 Fast Company article/video]


TF – there’s a broad spectrum between entrepreneur and employee, and i encourage people to slowly methodically move from one to the other, and at the end you can still keep your job and have awesome side income. you don’t have to choose between one and the other.

TF – the deluge of tools are confusing to entrepreneurs, but there’s never been a better time that gives you income, time and location independence.

TF – I like this process (says TF, that he calls a muse, a side business that provides cashflow with automation) because it’s a process in finding business elegance, creating something that 10 years ago would require a staff, that now a mother of 2 can run at home with a few hours a month. it’s an efficient use of resources, and that’s exciting.


The video and my notes encourage more business automation, and to take yourself out of the equation more in business activities.

It also provides what I think is a pretty authentic look, not a marketing slant, to Tim’s feelings on entrepreneurship, and that’s appreciated…sometimes with Tim, you’re not so sure.

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