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If you still write on paper, you get those notes into your iPad with Evernote!

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Yes, I have continually written about how and why to go paperless with the iPad and Evernote. But, I have also written about those times when paper is necessary. For me, Genius Scan+ has been my go-to scanner of choice. It worked well and allowed me to get my hand-written words into Evernote. Well, I’m going simpler yet again; simpler with native Evernote. You may have heard that Evernote has entered into a joint-venture with Moleskin to produce electronic-enhanced scanning functionality with the new soon-to-be released notebooks. Well, it seems that some of the new functionality in Evernote is available to those of us with our slips of paper and non-Moleskin Notebooks. In fact, I feel that the new Evernote functionality eliminates the need to use third-party scanning apps with Evernote; just use Evernote’s enhanced scanning functionality to get your hand-written notes into Evernote!

I read this post out on Daniel E. Gold’s blog about a month ago with great interest. I have written before that I do still like the feel of a good pen. In fact, I sometimes lament not having a notebook from time to time. But, have resisted the paper urge and have continued to focus on using my iPad for getting information into my Evernote filing system. In spite of these good intentions, I do resort to paper from time to time for important conversations where I am concerned about not being able to keep up with my notes. Well, somewhere between reading DEG’s post and last week I discovered some cool new functionality in Evernote. My first clue came when I happened on (I did not scrutinize release notes, so I missed it) the cool new frame that appears whenever you hit to camera within an Evernote note. The purpose of the frame is to align with the new pages in the upcoming Moleskins. However, the frame can also be used with regular paper and notebooks. The frame allows you to align your pages so that your notes appear perfectly aligned within your notes.

Check this out. This is scan of a note with the new Evernote framed turned on.

And, this is what the same scan looks like without the frame. This second picture was taken from my exact same perch on my coach with a similar attempt at a steady hand.

Obviously Evernote has added some sophisticated picture scanning algorithms to optimize, center and rotationally correct your notes. As you can see, the results border on stunning. In fact, the quality of the scan and the ease upon which I created the scan is making me extremely curious about the new Evernote/Moleskin product. By the way, make sure you enable the new border/scanning functionality at the top of the picture screen when scanning/taking a picture.

Have you tried the new Evernote scanning functionality?


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