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Stop using Powerpoint to create presentations, start using your iPad!

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My last post touched on the potential for using an iPad for presentations. Over the last week I spent some time trying out some of the technology described in Bill French’s iPadCTO posts here and here. In this post I will review my experiences using two of the technologies Bill wrote about, Slideshark and Haiku Deck; both currently free. In summary, stop creating presentations using your desktop computer or a laptop; the iPad is now where its at!

After reading Bill’s review spend a moment thinking about the last presentation you sat through and ask yourself if the presenter held your attention the whole time or if you found your mind wandering. If the presentation was memorable, what was different from other presentations? I bet if you had a positive presentation experience it was probably due to the presenter having focused more on his/her speaking and content rather than focusing on words and lists on a screen. In fact, this post by Michael Hyatt does a great job summarizing new and extremely useful thinking about how to make a presentation worthwhile and interesting. It is with the thought of simplifying the message on each slide that Haiku Deck was created. I found the product extremely effective in organizing ideas and I absolutely loved the photo searching functionality included with the software.

As a test, I started converting one of my iPad presentations. What started as this:

Was transformed into this:


Which slide would catch your attention on the screen? Which presentation would seem more interesting while also being more focused on the message? I think you would agree that Haiku dramatically improved the boring to something more visually appealing.

If you read Bill’s posts, you noticed that he mentioned Slideshark in both the posts. The best way to describe Slideshark is to say that it is a combination of all that is good with Powerpoint, Keynote and Slideshare. Slideshark is both a presentation tool and a presentation sharing vehicle. What Slideshark allows you to do is upload your presentations and then present them with a great dashboard that includes a timer, presentation notes and virtual pointer (without the laser pen!). Take a look at what the tool looks like connected to my 52inch television using a VGA connector.

Want to see how the presentation sharing features work? Take a look at my Paperless iPad Presentation before using Haiku Deck and After. As you will see, I only converted the first ten slides to save time. If you are interested in seeing me convert and present the whole thing to your team or company, send me a note in the comments or via the “contact me” form.

In summary, I am just as enthusiastic as Bill about how the iPad is transforming the mundane process of creating and presenting electronic presentations. Combining two free tools like Haiku Deck and Slideshark will change how you go about selling ideas using a projector. Download them both and see for yourself.

Have you tried either of these tools? If so, what do you think?


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