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5 Valuable Lessons For Learning Any New Skill

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When we set out to learn anything new and we’re excited, it often doesn’t live up our immediate expectations because we don’t have the experience to perform at the top of our game.  But if we can get past the hump and overcome the learning curve that’s where the really amazing things happen.  A few days ago I decided to satisfy a rather silly childhood dream of learning how to skateboard.  Given that I’m living at my parents about an hour away from the ocean, I needed to find an alternative to surfing that I would enjoy and skateboarding seemed like a natural fit.

1. Starting is the Hardest Part

With anything, getting started is the hardest part. When you surf the first wave you ever catch is the hardest. But once you get that first one you get the confidence to keep going.  Accomplishing anything is more or less the same. You just need hit that first milestone in order to keep going.

2. Find the Balance

Balance plays a tremendous role in surfing, life and skateboarding. If you don’t find the balance you’re going to take a hard fall. When it comes to accomplishment we often get obsessive about it to a point where any sense of balance seems to disappear from our lives. You might be able to accomplish a goal this way, but it’s going to be much more pleasant if you can achieve  a sense of balance.

3. The Longer You Do it The Better You Get

According to Malcom Gladwell it takes 10,000 hours to master any skill and once you hit that mark the difference in performance is significant.  When I got my skateboard the other day, for the first hour I was really uncomfortable and really worried that I was going to take a hard fall. But after about 2 hours I felt much more comfortable on the skateboard and it was just like surfing concrete waves.  The more you do anything the the better you’re going to get at it.

4. The Better You Get the More You Enjoy It

As you get better at something you’ll enjoy it far more. Let’s look at this in the context of learning how to play an instrument. When you first start to play an instrument you dread your practice time because you can barely put two notes together. But as you get better you eventually learn to play songs and you start looking forward to your practice time because you’re finally doing what you set out to do when you took up this new hobby.

5. The More You Enjoy It The Less it Seems Like a Chore

As you start to enjoy the skill you’ve developed it goes from being something you have to do to something you get to do. It’s something that you can’t live without and this is where the real fun begins.  It’s something you enjoy so much that you experience withdrawal symptoms when you can’t do it.

While l learned these lessons from skateboarding, these 5 simple lessons could be applied to learning just about anything.  Stick with something long enough and you’ll reap the benefits.





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