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Imager shows cross-sections of everyday objects – analog version

GE shows how their body imaging technology can take detailed pictures of insides without cutting, using fruit, a baseball, engine motor, and violin to demonstrate.

Many body imaging devices follow a principle called tomography (the ‘T’ in CT, PET and SPECT systems), which take images of body “slices” using everything from projection data to powerful magnets. But have you ever wondered how such routine procedures can help clinicians see things that used to require a sharp knife? Watch how GE’s body imaging technology can paint a bigger picture of what’s happening beneath our skin.

Update: I wasn’t paying close enough attention, and it turns out that these are actual, physical sliced objects. Like, with a saw. Now I’m left wondering what the point is.

[Quelle/Source (Link): Imager shows cross-sections of everyday objects – analog version]

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