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How to make presentations better with the iPad®

I wrote an article here on how to use a VGA connector to connect your iPad to a projector. I am now discovering that the connector only scratches the surface. The use of the iPad (and other iOS devices) along with new tools and Apps will change how we interact with each other in business. Take a look at this infographic care of my favorite iPad Expert Bill French.

The infographic appears in this post; read it to be educated on the future of tablets as a presentation device. The topic of using an iPad for presentations fascinates me because of the portability and simplicity of the device. As I said in my article, using a laptop with a large projector has always bugged me with the weight and awkwardness. The presentations I have done with my iPad have just been easier and more simple. In fact try connecting your iPhone to your iPad using Keynote Remote for a cool way to remotely control the presentation running on your iPad. Yes, Bill lays out a great way to use Airplay and Slideshark above, but converting a presentation to Keynote and then connecting your iPhone with Keynote Remote creates a similar workflow. And this again is the great advantage of the iPad and its expansive App Store…there are just so many apps and ways of solving problems and reinventing processes with the iPad.

Have you tried Slideshark or Airplay on your iPad to conduct a presentation? How about Keynote and Keynote Remote? If you haven’t, give them a try and let me know what you think.



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