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Cataloging Your Experiences

The Man and I moved in together in August! He’s totally my roommate now. It’s funny, the transition (and my four years living in Boulder anniversary) passed by effortlessly, because well, it was effortless. It didn’t feel like a huge change or adjustment. It was simple. Just like the way we met, where we lived across the country and we just boiled it down to make it simple.

While this isn’t the theme for this post, as we’re cohabiting and I’m getting obsessively more into Pinterest/DIY and Michael’s (as in the store, eek) I have been thinking about the past experiences that led me here and the experiences I want to still have.

I started to make a list, because I love lists, and I found myself smiling. It’s really neat to look back on what you’ve done. Sometimes these moments whisk on by (like moving in or celebrating an anniversary in a place you love).

This list is cataloging everything that stood out in my mind, as an amazing experience. I found a lot of my experiences involved travel, embarking on something on my own, or food. I still have a lot to add to this list (this is just the beginning)! You can see where I started below. I did it a bit chronologically, but I also just did pen to paper to see what experiences popped up.

It was a nice exercise and I think far too often, we’re not encouraged to be proud of our accomplishments because it is haughty or boastful. Reverse it – be proud of what you’ve done, honor yourself and if you want to do more, write that down too!

Create your own list. Celebrate victory in increments, reflect on what you’ve done, give yourself a hug, then keep that list close to you and smile. You’re so great. So, what’s on your list?

[Quelle/Source (Link): Small Hands, Big Ideas]