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Obama’s Convention Speech Breaks Political Twitter Record With 52,000 Tweets Per Minute

Twitter records were broken last night as Barack Obama took to the stage in Charlotte to accept the Democrats’ nomination as their candidate for the upcoming presidential election. An average of 52,000 tweets were sent each minute during his speech. But then, what do you expect from a politician who, four years ago, took social media and harnessed it as a formidable campaign tool?

The number dwarfs that of Obama’s Republican rival, Mitt Romney, who averaged 14,300 tweets per minute during his acceptance speech last week, that’s 200 per minute more than Obama’s State of the Union speech garnered back in January. In fact, Romney’s figures were usurped by both the First Lady and Bill Clinton, who managed 28,000 and 22,000 respectively.

Politico has compiled a nice breakdown of the President’s top-tweeted messages. First up was “I’m no longer just the candidate, I’m the President,” with over 43,000, followed by 39,002 for “I will never turn Medicare into a voucher.” The Obama campaign has also purchased a sponsored hashtag, #Forward2012, as a promotional tool.

Political tweets are dwarfed, however, by sports and entertainment. To put Obama’s achievement into perspective, his 52,000 tweets are equal to Usain Bolt’s Olympic run last month, but birdseed compared to the 10,000-plus sent per second during Madonna’s Superbowl performance.

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