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Your Name is Your Brand: Protect It

Many self-driven individuals choose to use their own name to drive their success. Whether you’re an attorney, an actor, or a good old fashioned entrepreneur, chances are you’re going to need to concern yourself with how well people associate your name with the service or talent you offer. More importantly, in today’s Internet-driven consumer investigating, you’re going to need to concern yourself with whether or not people are associating your name with negative information. Indeed, one of the growing necessities of most self-promoting individuals has become online reputation management.

By now, we’ve all Googled our own names at least once as a form of novelty. What pops up in those first ten spots can either be funny, embarrassing, ironic, or boring, depending on multiple factors. But when your money becomes tied to your name, these results become much more than just a matter of fun and games. About 80 percent of the public conducts their research on products and services exclusively through the Internet. These search results will determine whether or not people decide to do business with you.

So it’s important to make sure that the first thing that pops up in Google images when your name is searched, isn’t a picture of you upside down over a keg. You also want to make sure negative reviews of your services aren’t arriving at the top of results lists when your name or the name of your company is searched. Implementing vindictive actions against your good name is also a growing tactic used by competition due to the ease in which such information can be spread and made available via the web. Reputation management tools exist to help those who wish to maintain a clean Internet image.

There’s a big incentive for you to utilize the Internet to advance your personal brand. Social networks and social media can mean enormous advantages for individuals who would otherwise get lost in the foray. But these new technological means to get more attention and expand business are not without their risks. There’s a permanency about information on the web which is intimidating as much as it’s encouraging. Make a good impression and that web presence can perform wonders for you. Allow the wrong information to make it onto the Internet and the results can be devastating.

The solution is to both proactively protect your online reputation and to find the right resources to combat a negative offensive if one occurs. You may not be able to completely control the fate of your online reputation, but you can do your fair share to contain potential damage. The power is yours to wield if you choose.

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