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55 Things to Tweet about

    “But, I don’t know what to Tweet!”…
    …is one of the biggest excuses stopping small business owners from using Twitter for their business.
    When you are starting out, that little box with the ominous title
    “What’s happening?”
    can be intimidating for Twitter Newbies.
    So, here’s 55 Things to Tweet About.

Join a conversation

Twitter is about forming relationships with people. There is no point in just watching what other people are saying. At some point you need to start engaging.

  1. Listen to what other people are talking about and add a comment -
    Tweets are public, people like to know that someone has read their tweet.
  2. Reply to a question that someone has asked
  3. Start a conversation with your industry peers, potential mentors and thought leaders by commenting on something they have tweeted about, blogged about or something that was interesting on their website. Show them that you have paid attention.
  4. Join a conversation by replying to both people.
  5. Tell someone why you agree with them
  6. Disagree with something someone has said (in a pleasant, polite way)
  7. Find an appropriate chat hashtag and contribute to the discussion
  8. Find out whether the event you are attending has a hashtag and start chatting to people using the hashtag


Encourage people to engage with you

  1. Ask a question related to your industry
  2. Ask a question to encourage engagement – Instead of just a statement, add a question like “Have you had this happen to you
  3. Ask for help, the Twitter community love rallying around.

Note:  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get much response, you need to build up your followers first.

What’s happening?

  1. Say how you are feeling right now (Be mindful of your business. For example, it might not be appropriate to say you are feeling suicidal if you are a life coach.  It is also never a good idea to bad mouth your customers!)
  2. Tell everyone what you are doing right now – I am always surprised  how much engagement I get when I mention a cup of tea, but it is good to  mention that you are doing work related things.
  3. Tell people what you have just done – if you have just finished a  workshop/proposal/book, why not share it?
  4. Tell people what you are about to do – if you are attending a  conference someone may be attending the same one or be interested in an
    event that you are organising.
  5. Talk about the news that is happening at the moment.



If you have taken the trouble to read an article, how much extra time does it take to click on the Twitter icon and share it with your followers?

  1. Share an amusing article that you have read
  2. Share a business related article you have read
  3. Share a thought provoking article
  4. Share a topical news article
  5. Share a friend’s blog article
  6. Share your blog article – you spent time writing it, encourage other people to read it.
  7. Add a comment to the tweet about the article so that your followers can see what you think about it.
  8. If you leave a comment on the blog, find the author on Twitter and let them know.

With your Business Hat on…

  1. Tell people about your business and what you do. (Do not overdo this!)
  2. Share useful profession advice.   You cannot give away all your trade secrets in 140 characters!
  3. By sharing useful articles about your profession, you will become known as being a helpful, knowledgeable person.
  4. Give useful tips about your business or your industry
  5. Answer questions to show your expertise in your field.
  6. Broadcast the events and courses that you run.

Be a Human Being

  1. Engage in playful chitchat every now and then
  2. Find a meaningful quote that has inspired you.
  3. Share something personal about yourself that shows you are human, but that is not damaging to you being seeing as a professional.
  4. Talk about the weather (we all have weather)
  5. Talk about food (People on Twitter have a fascination with food)

A Picture is worth a thousand words

Pictures tend to have the highest click rate of all links. I think that most of us are secret voyeurs.

  1. Share a picture of something you can see right now
  2. Share a picture that will make people oooh and aaah
  3. Share a picture that will make people smile
  4. Share a picture that is topical or controversial and that will make people comment
  5. Share a picture that shows you are a real person living a real life.


Using Trending Topics

  1. Look at the trending topics and comment on a current topic
  2. Join the conversation on a silly hashtag that is trending

References and Testimonials

  1. Ask for feedback
  2. Recommend people who you know are good
  3. Give testimonials freely
  4. Refer people to the right person
  5. Thank people for writing Testimonials that aren’t on Twitter e.g. on your website or LinkedIn

Remember to think of the person reading the tweet

  1. Think of saying something that will put a smile on someone’s face
  2. Find something that will educate or enrich your audience

Videos and Presentations

  1. Share a TED talk
  2. Share a useful YouTube video related to your business or interests
  3. Share videos and presentations that you have created


Be Nice

  1. Thank people for Retweets (RT), mentions and comments.
  2. Thank people for sharing helpful information
  3. Congratulate people for their successes


Remember a tweet is only 140 characters or less.  That is just one sentence or two short ones.  What’s stopping you now?

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