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The 30 Day Paperless Challenge with Ambassador Jamie Todd Rubin

Paperless Lifestyle Ambassador Jamie Todd Rubin has been sharing his process and tips for embracing a paperless life in his weekly “Going Paperless” series. Today, he’s helping us kick off our very first Paperless Challenge. This fun and useful challenge will help you rid yourself of paper clutter and create a process (and a habit) around digitizing everything from meeting notes to bills.

The Challenge officially kicks off on Tuesday, August 21st and lasts 30 days. Use the next week to get yourself organized, be sure you have the proper tools (Evernote downloaded to all of your devices, as well as a scanner of your choice). We recommend checking out the following scanners in the Evernote Trunk.

Download Jamie’s Guide: The Evernote Paperless Challenge Checklist

To participate in the Paperless Challenge, you’ll need to download Jamie’s guide, The Evernote Paperless Challenge Checklist. From there:

  • RSVP for the Paperless Challenge Facebook Event.
  • Save the Evernote Paperless Challenge Checklist document to your Evernote account — your first ‘going paperless’ task!
  • Start checking off those boxes! Jamie has created a guide packed with his recommended paperless flow, a checklist for getting started, as well as two separate checklists to help you determine what you should digitize.
  • Connect with fellow Challenge participants and Jamie on Facebook, the Evernote Lifestyle forum, Twitter, and your blog (if you have one!) anytime between today and September 19th. Ask questions, share your story, discuss best practices and keep us updated with your progress.
  • Rally your paper-hoarding friends by tweeting: Join me in participating in the 30 day #evernotepaperlesschallenge! Let’s get rid of clutter! http://ow.ly/cWpwz #evernotelife
  • Complete as many of the Challenge tasks as possible by September 19th!

Why Join?

There are lots of reasons why you might consider joining the Challenge. Here are just a few:

  1. You’ve been trying to figure out how to cut down those piles of paper in your home or office.
  2. You didn’t realize you could put paper documents in your Evernote account.
  3. You want to try to become a better Evernote user, but need help getting started.
  4. You want to live a greener life.
  5. You want to become more organized.

This community event is open to Evernote users around the world.

Win Prizes!

Over the course of the Paperless Challenge, we’ll select 5 random winners, who will all receive a goody bag of Evernote treats including a t-shirt, tote bag, stickers, and more.

One lucky winner will receive a Canon scanner (similar to the one Jamie uses). In order to be eligible to win an Evernote goody bag or scanner, you must be an active participant in the Challenge on the Facebook event page.

Have an idea for a community Evernote event? Share it in the comments!

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