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Should Bloggers be on Google Plus?

Google Plus for bloggersWith all the noise circulating the web about Google plus lately I think it is important for you to calculate your steps wisely and see if you’re making the right decisions as a blogger.

Since building a successful blog is all about knowing where your audience is and spending the most of your time there, it wouldn’t be wise to join the next new social media site without thinking twice.

I’ve been thinking about this lately, and I’ve been asking myself if Google+ is really the right platform for bloggers. I’ve done a lot of experiments and I’ve calculated my results, this post will be telling you what I think about Google+ and you will be able to decide if it is right for you as a blogger or not.

The Search Engine Ranking Factor

I’ve been doing a lot lately to optimize my blog posts for the search engines and to improve the number of visitors to my blog, and at the moment I’m currently averaging 5k visitors every month from the search engines. The reality is that over 99% of this traffic comes from Google and since a smart businessman will focus his efforts on what is bringing him the most result I have decided to focus all my SEO efforts on Google alone.

It caught me by surprise when one of my articles that was fighting to rank between number 5 and 6 for its main keyword on Google jumped to number 2 without me doing a thing. I waited for a few days to see if this was another attempt at Google to fool me and then drop my rankings a few days later, but the ranking was the same. I decided to visit the particular article on my blog and I noticed that it already has 9 Google +1s.

It didn’t take time for me to realize that the dramatic increase in the rankings of that article was as a result of people endorsing it using the +1 button I have on my blog.

The Google +1 button is going to be a very powerful indicator for which sites people trust and which sites people don’t trust in Google in the nearest future and it is going to be an integral part of the Google+ network – even if I don’t love how Google+ works, the fact that I want the best traffic for my blog, and that it is starting to influence the SERPs alone is enough factor to make me join.

A Great Source of Direct Traffic

If you’ve been following this blog and my income reports for sometimes now you’d have heard me talk about my new niche site once or twice. It happened last week when I published an article on my niche site only to see an “influx” of traffic to it. I was wondering where this traffic came from and by the time I woke up the next day I discovered that I’ve gotten over 20 unique visitors to my brand new niche site from Google+ alone. The crazy thing about this is that I didn’t even have a Google+ button on the site, neither did I share any of my articles on Google plus.

That realization made it clear to me that if properly used, Google+ will be a great source of direct traffic to blogs and online news portals in the nearest future.

I’ve been following the news about Google plus lately and some great bloggers, like Chris Brogan, are starting to say that Google+ is now the top traffic source to their blog after it launched.

This is an amazing result for a service that isn’t even up to a month now, and it’s a great sign of great things to come.

10 Million People Can’t be Wrong, Or Can They?

It is true Google plus isn’t yet perfect, and like any new social media site it has a lot that should improved. But at the same time, we can’t fail to acknowledge the fact that in the first 2 weeks of its launch, even with the fact that it limited service access and made invitations the only way to join, Google plus already has over 10 million registered users.

The fact must be faced, and we need to understand that any social media site that is able to amass 10 million users in its first two weeks is bound to succeed – it will be a wise choice to embrace it quickly.

It’s Bound to Succeed Facebook and Twitter

Or maybe that’s my own opinion, but I believe there’s some truth to it.

The first day I joined Twitter I disabled email notifications. I’m not using my main email for Facebook because I don’t want the notifications, but I’m always happy to receive an email from Google plus. Why? Because it’s really cool when you start seeing a lot of people add you to their circles.

At the moment, an average of 25 people add me to their Google+ circles every day and over 350 people currently have me in their circles even though I joined a few weeks ago. The reality is that I get more Google+ fans a day than Facebook and Twitter fans combined and I only have 780 friends on Twitter even though I’ve been using it for months now.

   There’s definitely no doubt about this, Google plus is bound to succeed!

I’d also like you to know that I haven’t always been a fan of Facebook. In fact, I decided I’d never use it for my online business until I realized how foolish I was and what I was missing. The reality is that, a few months after starting to use Facebook it became the number one top referring social media site to my blog.

I can see history repeating itself here, and I can assure you that Google plus is on its way to success.

High Rate of Engagement

Except you have a high following on Twitter it will be very difficult to get people to engage with you whenever you make a Tweet. This isn’t the case with Google plus and I’m starting to notice a lot of interaction going on with it even though I still have a small following.

The reality is that the social media site is designed in such a simple way to make engagement and interaction easier.

We all know that interaction and engagement is the key to getting your readers to trust you these days, and Google+ makes that very easy.

Classification in a New Level

Another thing I love about Google+ is its “circles” feature. This feature makes it easy for you to classify and get in touch with a particular segment of your audience without having to bother the others. For example, if you have two blogs about photography and business and you want to be talking about photography and business on Google plus with the same account, you can easily create two circles, one named “business” and the other named “photography” so that whenever you share things with your “business” circle the “photography” circle won’t be able to see it.

This feature is far better than Facebook, and with it, you can easily communicate with both your fans and real life friends using the same account. You will be able to connect with families differently, and you won’t have to worry about your friends having access to your personal conversations.

You also have the ability to post a message and share it with only one person or a particular email address using the circles feature.

I’m really loving it on Google+ and I think it is the next big thing out there directly by Google+. If you’re yet to be on Google+ share this post on Twitter and let me know in the comments, and I’ll be happy to send you an invite.

If you’re currently on Google+, make sure you add me to one of your circles.

It will be a pleasure to have you there!

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