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10 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

We’re getting down to crunch time over here at Location 180 as in less than 2 weeks we will beta launch Location Rebel for 20 members.  The course is designed to be a “handholding guide” to building a business you can run from anywhere.

If you’ve been struggling with figuring out how to start your own lifestyle business, or simply are looking for a way to travel, spend more time with family, or just do more of the stuff you love, then you’re definitely going to want to check this out.

That said, there are some things you need to prepare for before making the leap into a location lifestyle.  For all of the great aspects of it, it certainly isn’t without it’s difficulties and struggles.

1) You can’t hide from yourself - You know all of those days you’ve spent hanging out on Facebook or reading blogs while on the clock? Well if you do too much of that in your new business, the only one who is going to hurt from it is you.  You’re the boss now, so all of the stuff that you used to do when your boss wasn’t looking needs to be held in check.

2) Routine is necessary - When I first started working for myself I could not wait for an adventure. I’d spent enough time in an office that I wanted to go out and experience new things and get as far a way from a routine as I could.  That lasted maybe a month.  Don’t get me wrong the desire for adventure was still there, but you come to a realization that having a routine is essential to success.  When left your own devices golf and wakeboarding trips will usually win out – but I wouldn’t know anything about that…

This leads us to our next point:

3) Time management is 100 times more difficult – When you can do whatever you want, it’s really easy to do whatever you want. This summer has been a struggle.  I’ve spent a lot of time (and money) doing really cool stuff.  If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve built my routine and learned that work (usually) needs to come before play, I’d be totally screwed.  When jumping into your new lifestyle, have a plan.  Know what you want your days to look like before making the leap, so that you don’t fall too far behind.  Just make sure you do schedule in some time for fun – in the end that’s what this should all be about right?

4) Less Stability = More Stress – It doesn’t matter how much money I make, how well I manage my time, or how many great routines I build, there is always a certain element of stress when pursuing entrepreneurship.  Some people handle this much better than others.  I for one, don’t handle it that well.  On paper I live a very stress-free lifestyle, but that doesn’t keep me from worrying way more than I should.

5) Focus on one thing first – One of the things that appealed to me most about working for myself was the ability to have multiple income streams.  It was more secure, and kept me from getting bored.  Well for the first month at least I’d really encourage you to focus on one thing. Whether it’s building one set of skills, one blog, or whatever it is, don’t spread yourself thin by trying to do everything at once.  This is a marathon, you’re in this for the long haul.  When you take on too many projects, you won’t be able to give your full attention to any of them, which in turn hurts them all.  Believe me, I know from experience.

6) Build good lifestyle habits EARLY – This goes along with having a routine, but even though you will have more time to do what you want, you’ll find it harder to do things like eat healthy and exercise.  I recognize regularly how important these two things in particular are, but I still have a tough time maintaining good habits around each.  Set solid times for cooking good meals and working out, put them in your calendar.  If you have to change them up, reschedule.  Don’t compromise on this.

7) The word “vacation” doesn’t exist in your world – For better or worse. For me, I think this is a good thing.  Spending a week on a tropical island is great until you get so antsy to do something productive that you can’t enjoy it anymore.  I work 7 days a week. I work from mountains, coffee shops, beaches, you name it.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  But this truly is a lifestyle business. Your work and life will no longer be as separate as they were in the past.  Not cool with this? Rethink where you’re at.

8) You will have (really) bad days – When I first started I probably had one day a week where I got petrified.  I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to build a business, that I’d have embarrassed myself, and would have given up a perfectly good job for nothing.  These days are fewer and far between now, but I still get them.  Learn to embrace your self doubt, because you will always have them – but understanding that and then working past them is what will inevitably make you successful.

9) The really good days make it all worth it – Over time you will have many more good days than bad days.  Your first major client, first big sale, first viral post etc.  All of these things make you feel incredible, and make it all worthwhile.  There’s no better feeling than seeing your business grow, and knowing its all because of you. Knowing that you are the one that benefits, rather than your boss.

10) “It never gets any less awesome”Dan Andrews told me this about the lifestyle during the first week I was in Thailand.  I’ve never forgotten those words, and I’ve also never once found them to be false.  Each week that goes by I’m so incredibly thankful for the opportunities I’ve had made. Decide this is the path for you, and I promise you’ll feel the same.

Before making any major life changes take these points into consideration.  There is a very little I’d change about my life and what I do, but it isn’t for everyone.

Already location independent? What advice would you give to people considering building a business of their own? Tell us about it in the comments!

Remember, Location Rebel comes out in less than TWO weeks. There are going to be some killer bonuses for the first members, so make sure you mark your calendars for 9am PST Tuesday, July 26th – and get ready to start building the business you’ve been dreaming of.

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