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10 Tips for Organizing a Clean Sale

Getting a clean sale is the cornerstone of any business, so it is really important that an entrepreneur gets the job done right if they want their business to succeed. A clean sale is an effective sale that is smooth and simple every step of the way and everyone is happy with the end result. Here are 10 tips for making that clean sale happen for you.

1. Create a contact list.

Sit down and come up with a list of family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone else you think might be interested in the product or service you are providing. Don’t worry if this list is a bit short. As your reputation spreads, word-of-mouth which will help grow your contact list.

2. Fine Tune Your Sales Pitch

Come up with a great sales pitch and contact the people you’ve put on your list via phone or e-mail. Build yourself up and really sell the benefits of your product or service. Let potential buyers know the benefits of your services and why your prices are more than fair compared to any competition. Offer to send further information on your products. Create a sense of urgency toward the end of your sales pitch, especially when the customer is receptive. Make remarks such as, “I know you’ll want this as fast as possible, so let’s figure out the specifics.” and “What date would you need your order delivered?” If they seem unsure, finish your communication by saying something similar to, “I’ll let you think about it and get in touch with you again in a few days.” Do as you’ve promised and call them back. If they say no, ask if they can provide contact information for someone who they think would be interested in your services. Don’t be afraid of the word “no.” Not everyone will need your services. When you don’t make a sale, don’t take it personally. The customer is not rejecting you – they simply don’t require what you are selling.

3. Get The Message Out

Get out of your house or place of business and talk about your services. Walk around your neighborhood (or drive, if walking isn’t feasible) and talk to neighbors and nearby businesses. People who won’t respond to e-mail and phone calls will often respond to someone who cares enough to give a face-to-face sales pitch.

4. Listen as Well as You Talk

You will often get potential customers who listen very politely even after already deciding to say no. Take a break in your sales pitch to ask questions. If it’s obvious that you aren’t going to get anywhere, move on to more likely prospects.

5. Know Your Product or Service Inside-Out

You should know every function and possibility for what you’re selling. When you’re an expert on your product, it shows. Buyers see reliability and trustworthiness when you know what you’re talking about.

6. Be Upbeat but Sincere

When selling, be cheerful and complimentary. Smile and make eye contact. Avoid being insincere, though. Be ready to bargain, but don’t get taken for a cleaning yourself. Right before closing a deal, some customers will attempt to get just a little more for their money. Sellers are often tempted to give in because they’re so close to making their sale and fear that the customer might back out if they say no. If you can fill their request without hurting your own pocketbook, do so, but don’t let a customer take advantage of you.

7. Celebrate for Yourself!

When you have achieved your first sale, make noise about it! Frame a copy of your first payment. Create a press release or put a notice on your website saying that you have officially gone into business for yourself.

8. Use People’s Opinions

Ask your clients or customers for reviews of your product or service. Put the glowing reviews in your literature and on the front page of your website. Consider putting a form on your site so that reviews can be submitted online. While reviews can seem like a small part of a business, they have the ability to make or break your sales. They can also encourage you to do your very best.

9. Pay Attention to How You’re Selling

Keep an upbeat attitude and enjoy yourself. Meeting a grumpy or detached salesperson doesn’t inspire confidence or desire to buy the product they are selling. If you enjoy yourself, it will reflect back onto the service or product you are trying to sell. Buyers are more likely to trust salespeople who are happy, encouraging, and honest.

10. Stay Motivated with Your Sales Plan

Once your business is up and running, don’t lose speed. Keep networking and talking with potential clients. Don’t let your goals stagnate, but don’t set them so high that you get frustrated, either. Continue to set small goals for yourself and keep your products and services fresh for the public.

What suggestions do you have for organizing a clean sale?

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