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The 3 Reasons Young Entrepreneurs Fail and How to Avoid Them for $1

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Why are most entrepreneurs still living in their parent’s basement eating ramen noodles while the seemingly lucky few are making millions, creating huge impact doing what they love?

For 3 years Under30CEO has interviewed the most successful people on the planet.  We’ve failed ourselves multiple times and witnessed thousands of other businesses come and go, watching entrepreneur’s dreams dry up right before our eyes.

Our team has dedicated their lives to figuring out why most businesses struggle to get off the ground and exactly which resources young entrepreneurs need to combat the 3 major reasons for failure.

Every great business solves a great problem and we’ve built Under30CEO’s Membership Organization to solve young entrepreneurs biggest problems.

Reason for failure #1: Lack of Mentors: Let’s face it, finding knowledgeable mentors is incredibly difficult.  Most entrepreneurs end up asking a family friend or worse yet, sweep the questions under the rug and never ask them at all.  Do you want to ask your local pizza guy about running a business or do you want access to the brightest entrepreneurial minds in the world?

How Under30CEO’s Membership Organization solves this problem: Connect with Mentors

Virtual Under30CEO Meetings consist of Q+A sessions with a rockstar lineup of veterans who explain exactly how to avoid these failures

  • Creating an A-List Board of Advisers: Rod Kurtz, Editor of AOL Small Business
  • Bootstrapping on a Shoestring Budget: Mike Michalowicz, Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
  • How Gen Y Entrepreneurs Are Rocking the World: Donna Fenn, INC Magazine
  • How to Go from Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur: Pam Slim, Author of Escape From Cubicle Nation
  • Delivering Customer Service in a Self Service World: Barry Moltz, Speaker, Author, Consultant
  • Creating a Social Media/PR Plan for your Business: Jason Falls, Founder of the Social Media Explorer
  • How to Recession-Proof Your Business: Melinda Emerson, The Small Biz Lady

Reason for Failure #2: Lack of Collaboration and Referrals: Quite simply if you are the smartest, most connected person in the room, get out now!  Most don’t have access to a network of talented, experienced people to help them grow their business.

Under30CEO’s Membership Organization’s Solution: Surround Yourself with Top Talent

  • Your Personal Board of Directors: Under30CEO Roundtables are a group of 10-12 of your peers.  You need to have close confidants helping you through the trials and tribulations of growing your business.
  • Find Referrals within the Network: Attend our virtual networking events to expand your network and participate in specific agendas meant to help you find and make referrals.
  • Get Access to Talent: Under30CEO membership gets you unlimited postings on our job board. Technical talent is hard to find but we can help connect you with designers/developers.
  • Get Help from the Community: If you have a crisis in the middle of the night or need help promoting your business or blog who do you turn to? Get access to our forums or email our members 24/7/365.

Reason for Failure #3: Lack of Capital and Discounts: Young entrepreneurs start their businesses on shoestring budgets but often spend money in the wrong places.  They simply don’t know where to invest and where its okay to cut corners.

How Under30CEO’s Membership Organization solves this problem: Negotiate Deals/Discounts

Under30CEO has done the hard work for you.  Our members get access to exclusive deals with over 50 different vendors to save on electronics, travel, accounting, web services, dental plans and more.  Even get two free legal consultations per year from Under30CEO attorney Rachel Rodgers.

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So what’s the deal?

At Under30CEO we’ve really hustled to put all this together for our readers and it’s only getting better. We truly believe that any business owner can transform their business through our membership. But we want you to make that decision for yourself with this limited time offer to try it out for only $1.

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