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Announcing Haiku Deck 2.0!

After many weeks of hard work and at least 8 times that many afternoon trips to the neighborhood coffee shop, Haiku Deck 2.0 is now available in iTunes!

Yes, we’ve released updates in the past, but this is a big one, and it’s packed with all kinds of awesome new stuff! It’s like Christmas, New Year’s, and a disco-ball dance party all in one.

Here’s what’s new!

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

For all the details, read more on our blog about:

But really, what we MOST want you to do is download or update Haiku Deck 2.0 TODAY, try it out, send us your feedback, rate and review it, tell your friends about it, and set your story free!


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[Quelle/Source (Link): The Haiku Deck Blog]