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Just Because You Drop the Ball it Doesn’t Meant You Have to Quit

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You might have noticed it’s been more than 10 days since I’ve published anything new here on my blog.  At the beginning of the year I started work on Zig Ziglar’s goal program which forces you to track your daily progress towards four major goals. I haven’t updated the goals planner in the last 10 days either.  I dropped the ball.

Just Stay in the Game

Many of us start  a goal with enthusiasm and excitement. But when we drop the ball, we have a tendency to quit. The good news is you don’t have to.  How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? How many of them have you dropped the ball on?   The likelihood of scoring points plummets to zero if you’re not in the game.  Here’s another way to think about it.  If you’re not in the water, you’re not going to catch any waves.

Starting Over

Starting over might seem like a giant pain. But the truth is you’re not really starting from scratch. You’re starting with all the skills you developed from your first attempt. You’re far more likely to achieve your goal when you start over. Sometimes the failures are necessary because they allow you to plant the seeds for what comes next.  Some of the greatest success stories in the world are the byproduct of little bets that failed and people learned from.

  • Pixar started out making computers for animation
  • Paypal made security Software
  • I started 4 failed blogs before The Skool of Life

Once you’ve failed, you’ve received a real education.

It Won’t be Linear

We’ve been taught for ages that success occurs in a linear fashion.  But if there’s anything my wins have taught me in life it’s that the path to success is rarely linear. It’s a series of failures, small wins, false starts, and screeching halts that ultimately result in a takeoff of such magnitude that your feet never hit the ground.

The real difference between people who fail and the ones who succeed is that they pick  up the ball and keep playing. So get back in the game.

Class dismissed.

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