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Penultimate 4: The Best Handwriting App Just Got Better…and It’s Free!

Penultimate is Evernote’s amazing digital handwriting app for iPad. It’s one of the best-selling applications in App Store history and today we’re excited to announce that it’s getting a big update. We kept everything that millions of users love about the app, while adding powerful new Evernote features and refreshing the interface. Oh, and now it’s completely FREE!

Let’s dive into the new Penultimate 4.

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This version requires iOS 6. iOS 5 support is coming in the next update.

The Same, But Better…and Free

Penultimate is known for its beautiful, life-like pen and paper experience, and we’ve only made it better in version 4. The ink is sharper, smoother and more natural than ever, perfect for jotting and sketching. For this update, we also refreshed the entire interface to make it cleaner and clutter-free. You’ll notice important functions are more accessible, while less-used ones are tucked away into an easy-to-find menu.

As part of this update, we also made Penultimate a FREE application. This is all part of Evernote’s vision to build long term value by bringing you great free applications.

Evernote Built-in

Evernote has been a sharing option for Penultimate for quite some time, now it’s a core part of the app, bringing with it some powerful new features.


One of Evernote’s magic features is its ability to make handwriting searchable. We’ve applied this to Penultimate to help you find the notes you’re looking for. Just tap on the new magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of your screen to begin searching your notes. Search results fly in with either a yellow rectangle around the identified words or yellow highlighting in the note title.


Handwriting is processed on the Evernote servers, which means that you need to give Penultimate a few minutes to sync before you can expect results to show up. To make notes even easier to find, we also recommend that you give your notebooks useful titles, which you can do by tapping on the title on the cover of a closed notebook.

Access Your Notes Everywhere

We at Evernote are firm believers that your ideas and memories need to be with you at all times, which is why we put so much effort into building great sync into our apps. Now, Penultimate gets that same treatment.

While the iPad is great for authoring your notes, you may need to view them from another device, and now for the first time you can. Thanks to Evernote’s sync, all of your handwritten notes are instantly available on every computer and mobile device where you have Evernote installed.

You’ll see the new sync icon in the lower right corner of the Penultimate screen. It indicates whether a sync is in progress and allows you to kick off a sync.


Notes and Notebooks: In Evernote, Penultimate Notebooks are mapped to individual notes. This way, all of your ideas about a single topic are inside of a single note. It’s a good practice to create multiple notebooks for different meetings, clients, classes, etc.

Tap on the account icon in the top left corner of the screen to choose the destination notebook in your Evernote account for your Penultimate content.

Optional Sign-in

Naturally, we think Evernote will only make your Penultimate experience better, but we’re also not pressuring anyone to make that leap. If you’re an existing Penultimate user, you can keep using Penultimate as you have been. You’ll have a great new interface, without any of the synchronization and search functionality. New users will be limited to a single notebook until they sync to Evernote.

Existing Penultimate Users

We put a lot of effort into making Penultimate 4 great for existing Penultimate users, and we think you’ll really like the results. There are a few things that we want you to be aware of when you decide to make your transition.

In order to give you the advanced Evernote features, all of your notebooks, and all future ones you create, will be synchronized and backed-up to the Evernote Service. Any of your Penultimate Notebooks that are too large to sync will be kept locally on your iPad, and remain full accessible to you. If you want to bring them into Evernote, tap on the sync warning icon at the bottom right corner of the notebook cover, and the app will help you break the notebook up into smaller, sync-able pieces.


Learn more about Penultimate 4 by visting these helpful resources:


We hope you like the new Penultimate. It’s everything that you’ve come to love about the app in a better-looking, more powerful package. Make sure to swipe through the intro notebook to see everything the app can do. Enjoy.

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