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The Future Across Generations

After a week of heated dialogue at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, four Global Shapers took the stage with Klaus Schwab and Muhammad Yunus to end the event on Saturday with a panel titled The Future Across Generations.  

Watch this video to see the power of young people who have a real seat and voice at the table. These Global Shapers, Manju George (India), Tyler Spencer (US), Rapelang Rabana (South Africa), and Niel Bowerman (UK) cited flat decision-making, open networks and collaboration as key to leadership. Yunus and the Shapers spoke of visioning as key to create a world where more people can be active contributors. The core values that mattered most were: equity, empowerment, interconnectivity, respect, honesty, authenticity. Global identities have surpassed national or local identities. The panel called for adaptability, values, accepting change, and constructive solutions that are more responsive to the needs of our world.

Next generation leadership is not only my work but it is my calling. This was clearly my highlight of Davos! Enjoy!



[Quelle/Source (Link): Erica Dhawan]

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