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How Employers are Using Facebook for Background Checking

My friend Dave Mendoza of JobMachine.net is at it again. I first met Dave just a few months ago at a recruiting conference in Denver. I was acquainted with him before that meeting, but we have become friends since. He really left me no choice, and for that I am grateful. The guy gives, gives, gives, and then gives some more. If you look up the word networking in the dictionary, his picture is probably part of the definition.

The latest example is his blog entry for today. He posted an entry about how employers are using Facebook to background check students and other potential employees. Essentially, they’re using the entries that students post to their Facebook accounts against those students. If the students post information that is not appreciated by the employer, then that employer is likely to exclude the student from the hiring process. So what makes this a giving entry? Have a look and you’ll see pretty quickly.

[Quelle/Source: http://www.collegerecruiter.com/weblog/archives/2007/01/how_employers_a.php]

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